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3 PARLOR PLANES 10" SPAN Three basic designs that can be flown in the living room and give you a chance to practice adjustments or trimming and be ready to go for it in the local flying site. Easy to transport and store 3 in a box. Great to try out microfilm because of the small sheets of film required. Kit is complete. You will need cement and rubber winder. 

PARLOR COPTER Prop pitch is set with a jig. Winder, cement, required. Fly at home in an evening. 

3 IMS MINI-STICKS 7" SPAN The Mini-Stick event has created a universal sensation because they can be flown in a tight circle in the living room and have done over ten minutes in 40 foot high gyms. Kit is complete, including ultra film covering, rubber motors, bearings.

IMS GLIDERS 12" SPAN Catapult or hand launched, this 5 gram glider will be a rewarding project. Tapered light wing stock to avoid heavy sanding and still give a deep airfoil section. A complete kit with building and flying instructions. 

THE FLAPPING FLYER 24" SPAN Amazing, a truly fantastic experience and challenge! Very sturdy at just 3.5 grams with choice balsa, tapered wing spar and boom stock, condenser paper covering, all bearings finished , and close up type diagrams of the crank and push rod assembly. Full size plans. Fly it outside on a calm warm morning.

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