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These thrust bearings are a new design of the highest quality. The weight has been reduced, hole size reduced to avoid variations in thrust caused by prop shaft movement in the rear hole of dual bearings, and to allow the use of smaller diameter wire on the ultra-lights. Single hole bearings are available in two sizes and flat. Flat single bearings are ideal for Omithoper wing hinges. The Mini is for the lightest models and up to.045" rubber. The Super Bearing is for rubber up to .075".
DUAL.0006 oz.
MINI-DUAL.0004 oz.

(Enlarged to show details)

(Enlarged to show details)
MINI .0003 oz. SUPER.0004 oz.

(Enlarged to show details)
Dual Bearings are available in two sizes: Dual and Mini-Dual. The mini-Dual is for Easy B and Parlor Plane size models using rubber up to .045". The Dual is for models using up to .075" rubber. Use .014" or .015" wire for both sizes. If you wish to go down to a smaller size wire, just tap the rear slot with the wire inside for a snug fit, and push the prop shaft wire in and out a few times for a smooth "snap in" fit. File off end of prop shaft wire for ease in assembly.

Proven in test and competition to be the Ultimate Performer. In addition to static testing, we flight test our batches to make sure you recieve the best available material.
The Slow poke : .065 - .070
Parlor Plane : .030 - .035
The Flapping Flyer : .125
Parlor Copter : .085 - .090
Peanut Scale : .045 - .090
The Easy B : .050 - .055
New Novice Penny Plane : .085 - .090
PECK-R.O.G. : .100 - .125

"A" CUT Very easy to bend across the width of the sheet. Strips cut from an " A " "A" sheet grain CUT can be bent sharply without cracking; excellent for and stab outlines, wing tips, ribs prop and spars. Too easily crushed for tubes.
"B" CUT "B" Looks similar to an "A" grain sheet. Equal strength in both directions. Makes good center section good spars, ribs, and can be used for tubes.
"C" CUT "C" Sparkles like mother of pearl. Very stiff in both directions, but most stiff across the CUT width. The best choice for tubes, and good for ribs and formers, but not for spars.

TEFLON WASHERS The finest made in sizes .05", .07" and .125" OD
TEFLON TUBING .06" diameter. Slice your own washers and roll tissue tubes.
BRASS WASHERS Fine for small rubber models .03 ID, .125 OD
PROP SHAFT WIRE Straight stainless steel, in 18" lengths. Sizes  .010, .011, .012,.013,.014,.015,.020,.032.
GLASS BEADS Micro-size, lots of uses. Size .015 ID. A rare import

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