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Here is a brief description of some materials, uses and techniques.
The book Indoor Flying Models will provide you with much more information...and loads of plans.

Page 10 describes cement used for balsa and diluting it for fine work. It also can be used in covering the balsa framework. When used to attach condenser paper, you can do 114" then leave 114" without cement. To attach the light plastic coverings, ultra film and polymicro which is the lightest, but a little more difficult to work with, follow the instructions that come with it. Ultra Film cement is the easiest way to get started, some use spray 3-M adhesive. Using IMS cement is cleaner and easier to work with. Microfilm covering should not be used until you progress into contest classes, it has the advantage of being the lightest covering film. Purchase some acetone from your hardware store for general use, but for activating ultra Film cement, use lighter fluid, benzene, or rubber cement thinner.

The formula that has been used to establish numerous records and known as the old "B" dry and stable type film. It will not stick to itself within an hour after lifting. Allow a few minutes on the water before lifting. An instruction sheet is included.

OLD JAPANESE TISSUE .03 oz./100 sq. in.
The lightest type colored tissue for Peanuts and small models where weight reduction is so important. Apply with grain in direction of wingspan. If structure is strong, tighten by spraying with water, dry weighted to a flat surface - a small piece of black for striping is included.

CONDENSER PAPER .012 oz./100 sq. in.
Apply loosely on wings and stabs with Condenser paper cement. Packaged smoothly.

CONDENSER PAPER .020 oz./100 sq. in.
Duplicates the linen finish on antique aircraft, tan in color, with some very exceptional characteristics. As strong as Japanese tissue, but weighs only 213 as much as the lightest old time Japanese tissue.

Ultra film will not shrink with changes in humidity, is less than half the weight of the lightest C. P.; it's stronger, transparent, and can be cut with a cordless soldering iron or razor. It is THE covering of choice of everything but scale models. A page of instructions with application.

The lightest roll film covering showing red and green interference colors. It is .00285 oz/100 sq. in. and .000353 thick.

Plasticized and formulated to reduce shrinkage, and viscosity adjusted for penetration, quick drying, lightness and the steel tube glue gun. Use for Mini-Stick and truly light models, to glue tissue over sheet balsa and to spars where you do not want the expansion caused by water base cements like thin white glue. Let some solvent evaporate if you want it thicker

Very light and drys in a few minutes but remains tacky and film can be repositioned if necessary. Press down on spar after positioning. Complete instructions with roll of Ultra-Film.

Plasticized to reduce shrinkage and will not cause spars and sheet to expand like thin white glue. Dries in about 4 minutes leaving a crisp edge that can be cut with sharp razor. Good for covering with Japanese Tissue.

Used to roll tail booms from .010 balsa.

A superior lubricant essential for the best results from your motors. Lube two or three motors at a time, pre-wind once, store in a closed envelope to keep out air and light.

Used to roll motor tubes from thin sheet balsa. See price list.
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