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BLADE SHARPENER One blade will last for years Stroke sharpener in only one direction as shown. Press down and follow the arrow

INDOOR RANGE WINDER IMS 15:1 ball bearing winder with retractable winding hook. Built with reserve strength for up to 1/4" rubber.

I.M.S. RUBBER SCALE It is necessary to weigh rubber motors to obtain maximum performance and consistency. A rubber scale and a torque meter are used together. This scale is made of aluminum with an easy to read bold face graduated for accuracy, is adjustable, convenient, and has been used for years in contest flying. Aluminum construction with .5 gm calibrating weight.

PROP BLOCK PROP SHAFT ATTACH The angle between the prop shaft and the prop spar must be accurate in two planes. Attach this fixture to your prop form and you will not only build it correctly, but when it is returned for repairs, it will be correct. There is a spring load and snap fit into a machined slot. The distance between the shaft and the block is adjustable

  I.M.S TORQUE METER Torque meters are used to measure twist or torque of a rubber motor as to consistently obtain maximum turns without breaking the motor, consistent flights, and avoid hanging models in the rafters. I.M.S. Torque meters are of aluminum construction with adjustable zero set screws, bold print dial face, and come with a drilled clip for quickly attaching to your flight box Meter has a quick release for a wound motor. You will never want to be without it

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