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INDOOR & OUTDOOR MODEL KITS Kits are complete including rubber, full size illustrated plans, instructions, prop jigs where required, micro washers and bearings, condenser paper and indoor balsa. Cement is not included. Truly precision kits, with the finest balsa you have ever seen. Each piece selected by weight and size for its use on each part of the model. 

16" SPAN LEW'S A6 This is the latest kit, and includes all pre-cut strips. It features a flat prop blade, movable stab to allow quick, easy adjustment. It is not critical and strongly recommended for all ages for pure fun and over three minute flights... 

Modelers all over have written to us telling of their success with our first Penny Plane, the "Time machine." Now we offer the Novice Class Penny Plane for both fun flying and competition... Maximum wing area and prop diameter, large stab and a forward C.G., two prop outlines and pitch templates are furnished. Each piece of balsa is hand cut, selected and tested. Finished weight is one penny with strength to spare. THE "NOVICE CLASS" PENNY PLANE 18" SPAN Conforms to A.M.A Rules. A threat at any contest! 

SLOW POKE 19" SPAN A plastic prop, pre-cut strips, tapered tail boom, and clear plans for easy and quick construction: Prop can be hand wound by shortening the rubber, but like all rubber powered models, a winder improves performance and ease in winding. Lots of wing area, a floater... Used in U.S. school competitions with a shortened propeller. 

THE "EASY B" 18"SPAN The latest kit of the design that got so many interested in indoor flying and then became a world wide event. The kit includes full size plans, 1/64" sheet balsa far a light prop, ultra-light condenser paper, mini bearing and washer, and rubber.


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